PEP Africa is a customer-focused retailer that sells a wide range of affordable, good quality products for the whole family.
As a well-established and trusted brand for ‘best prices and more’, PEP Africa’s overriding mission is to be the friendliest
and most accessible discount retailer selling clothing, footwear, homeware, financial and cellular products.


A big driving force behind its growth as a company, is our unique culture, called Sikhula KunYe (We are growing together).

Sikhula KunYe creates a unique environment of teamwork in order for us to achieve business and personal growth, whilst encouraging caring and having fun. This customer-centric culture inspires the company's values of honesty, passion and resourcefulness as well as treating each other with dignity and respect.

Embedded in our Sikhula KunYe culture, we have a few distinct characteristics. PEP employees are known as Dynamos and are famous for greeting each other with a Hi5, as well as the SK song we play and sing to on special occasions.


PEP Africa is the largest single brand discount retailer in Africa. It has more than 300 stores in four countries: Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

PEP Angola www.pep.co.ao
PEP Malawi www.pep.co.mw
PEP Mozambique www.pep.co.mz
PEP Zambia www.pep.co.zm


At PEP Africa we are passionate about giving back to our communities, where our Dynamos live and stores operate. At Central Office, we call our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme, AFRIcare.

As part of the AFRIcare commitment, we choose to support pre-schools in our communities and other institutions in need. We have teams that get involved in projects including maintenance at a school; recycling; distribution of blankets; donations and many more. Each Dynamo are given time off work to personally play a role in these worthy causes.

Moreover, PEP Africa encourages CSI-projects across borders in all the countries we trade in.


Our Customers are defined as:

"Remarkable people who on a limited

budget, make it possible for their

families to live with dignity and


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